Meet The Occidental Team

When it comes to professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff you won’t find any better than the team at Occidental Management. We are here to assist you in any way that we can.

  • Gary Oborny@2x
    Gary Oborny Chairman and CEO
  • Chad Stafford@2x
    Chad Stafford President
  • Troy Marquis@2x
    Troy Marquis Chief Financial Officer
  • Brian Burris@2x
    Brian Burris Chief Legal Officer
  • Josh Turner@2x
    Josh Turner General Manager of Operations
  • Steve Lebeda@2x
    Steve Lebeda Vice President of Construction Services
  • Heather Welsh@2x
    Heather Welsh Executive Assistant
  • Devan Horning@2x
    Devan Horning Marketing Manager/Brokerage Coordinator
  • Meagan Kettler@2x
    Meagan Kettler Administrative Assistant of Operations
  • Charlie King@2x
    Charlie King Sales and Leasing
  • Fred Elmer@2x
    Fred Elmer Sales and Leasing
  • Nathan George@2x
    Nathan George Sales and Leasing/Marketing Coordinator
  • Mike Tokarz@2x
    Mike Tokarz Property Manager/Leasing Agent
  • Donna Martin@2x
    Donna Martin Sr. Property Manager
  • Melony Smarsh@2x
    Melony Smarsh Property Manager
  • Justin Strelow@2x
    Justin Strelow Director of Construction & Project Management
  • Kyle Becker@2x
    Kyle Becker Senior Project Manager
  • Carole Shannon@2x
    Carole Shannon Controller
  • Shannon Morse@2x
    Shannon Morse Staff Accountant
  • Keenan Jensen@2x
    Keenan Jensen Staff Accountant
  • Todd Newton@2x
    Todd Newton Maintenance
  • Bob Pudny@2x
    Bob Pudny Maintenance
  • Thomas Bailey@2x
    Thomas Bailey Maintenance
  • Pete Torres@2x
    Pete Torres Maintenance
  • Ian Turner@2x
    Ian Turner Accounting & Marketing Intern