Client Success Stories

20 INS 004 Logo Emblem PANTONE C

Satisfy Late-Night Cravings: Insomnia Cookies

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Bringing Cultures Together Through the Joy of Food

Tenant Success Stories Logos Wichita Cheesecake

A Recipe for Success: Local Cheesecake Company Celebrates 6th Anniversary

Tenant Success Stories Logos 400×400

Wichita’s Sole African Restaurant, BChic Bar & Grill, Relocates to Northwest Centre

Joyful Willow Salon Logo

East Wichita Salon Owner Opens West Side Spa: Joyful Willow Salon

Aspiria Twitter Profile Pic

Breaking Stereotypes Through the Universal Language of Art

Fartleks 23

What is Fartleks?

Jazzercise 9

New Space Boosts Business for Jazzercise

Jazzercise Wichita Logo

Jazzercise Wichita already seeing ‘momentum’ from recent move

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