Where Ideas Take Flight

Occidental Management Inc. was established in 1997 by Gary Oborny. Originally created to work in acquisitions, Occidental evolved into a development company with the construction of the Bristol Square property in 2000. Since then, Occidental has progressed into a multi-faceted company specializing not only in acquisitions and development but sales, leasing and property management.

Occidental Management is a premier Commercial Real Estate Development Company in the Midwest that operates in a variety of real estate segments including retail, office and industrial development. Occidental Management is a vertically integrated company with services that include development, construction, sales and leasing brokerage and property management. Our professionalism, value creation and commitment to quality are the hallmark of Occidental Management and its associates. We are known for our innovative and dynamic real estate development concepts. We put special focus on establishing strategic relationships with our partners, clients and investors to create ‘value-add’ results. Two of our recent projects were in the Kansas City/Overland Park market. One was the acquisition and renovation of the Overland Park Xchange (OPX; 733,400 SF) and the recent acquisition of the Sprint campus (approx. 4 million SF).

The Best Team For Superior Results

At Occidental we have assembled a team of professionals who are truly the best at what they do. No area of our operation has been overlooked. We exude professionalism and attention to detail, which is what has made Occidental Management so effective.

We’re always looking for driven and passionate individuals to add to our growing family. If you’re interested in joining Occidental Management in any one of several areas of employment, please send us a message and we’ll get back to you with further instructions.