Evergy to provide 100% green energy to former Sprint World HeadquartersOccidental Management Announces Renewable Energy Partnership for Aspiria Campus

(Overland Parks, KS April 20, 2021) Commercial Real Estate property owner Occidental Management has partnered with Evergy to supply 100% renewable energy to Aspiria – the former Sprint World Headquarters – for the next 20 years in Overland Park, Kansas. 

“We are proud to have an energy partner that understands the importance of bringing renewable energy to large businesses,” said Gary Oborny, CEO of Occidental Management. “Joining Evergy’s Renewables Direct program is part of our commitment to the Overland Park community to use the Aspiria campus for more than just a place for business.”  

Aspiria campus in Overland park to use 100% green energy. Image courtesy of Heartland Drone Company.

Renewables Direct is a program that allows commercial and industrial customers to offset a percentage of their energy usage through a renewable resource. Occidental Management chose to use 100% renewable energy for the Aspiria campus. This program is designed to provide large customers a path toward their sustainability goals with the abundant, affordable, and renewable energy of Kansas and Missouri.   

Ponderosa Wind farm in Beaver county, Oklahoma.

Aspiria’s renewable energy will be pulled from the Ponderosa and Soldier Creek Wind Farms in Beaver county, Oklahoma and Nemaha county, Kansas. These farms have over 200 turbines combined and employ over 30 full-time workers and more than 450 construction jobs.   

“We commend Occidental for their commitment to green energy,” said Jeff Martin, Evergy vice president, customer operations. “Kansas is a national leader in wind with affordable resources that bring economic benefit both to the communities where it is produced and to the customers who value it as an affordable tool to meet sustainability goals.”  

Not only is Occidental making changes with renewable energy, but they have also been cutting down their energy costs over the past two years. Since acquiring the former Sprint World Headquarters in 2019, Occidental Management has focused on being good stewards of resources, implementing a sustainable approach that reduced energy consumption by over $1 million. That savings has directly benefited the tenants on the Aspiria corporate campus. Tenants have been seeing lower utility bills and can continue to expect the same.   

“The time to convert to renewable resources is right now,” said Oborny. “We are excited to partner with Evergy, and we are proud to utilize green energy as the way of the future. Not only are we doing our part in using renewable resources, but we are increasing our cost savings across the board at Aspiria.”  

The transformation of the Aspiria campus is set to begin later this year, and Occidental Management will continue using 100% renewable energy to power the future development.   

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